“Dr. Sandoval’s therapeutic approach has been both pragmatic and illuminating. His techniques have yielded remarkably swift and positive results in our short time together. His ability to explain the underlying neurobiological and physiological processes that are the root cause of my issues helps to provide a deeper understanding of my afflictions. This is more than just symptomatic treatment; it allows for meaningful targeting of causal mechanisms. Dr. Sandoval’s interweaving of hands-on therapeutic techniques with comprehensive psychoeducation is a powerful combination. I leave our meetings not only feeling better in the short term but also possessing new insights and skills to continue healing.” – TC

Working with Dr. Sandoval has improved my life, health, and well-being in countless ways. Dr. Sandoval is kind, thoughtful, compassionate, and has a wealth of knowledge to share pertaining to all aspects of life and health.  When I began working with Dr. Sandoval, my goals were to gain a greater understanding of my mental and physical health, to understand the root causes of issues that I was experiencing in my life, to improve my overall well-being, and to implement measures to grow as a person.  Dr. Sandoval has helped me work towards these goals by approaching each session with extreme compassion and understanding and providing measured and thoughtful guidance, including insightful information on health and wellness, as well as concrete advice and tips tailored to my personal experiences.  Since working with Dr. Sandoval, I have learned to exercise more self compassion and have gained a greater understanding of health and wellness, and the various ways that I can improve myself and my well being, as well as protect my health in the world we live in today.  Dr. Sandoval is an incredibly knowledgeable and compassionate individual who has helped me tremendously. I would recommend Dr. Sandoval to anyone who has had difficult experiences in life, or who is simply interested in improving their mental and physical health, and their understanding of what health means in the world we live in today. ” CM


“My top three goals upon beginning my work with Dr. Sandoval were . . . “managing my anxiety and depression. Becoming a “better” father to my two sons. Opening to communication avenues with my ex-wife.” Dr. Sandoval was able to help me work toward these goals by . . . “Mindfulness techniques. Helping me focus on the things in my life that I can control and letting go of the things that I cannot. Being kind to myself.”   The biggest tangible changes I have noticed since beginning treatment/coaching have been . . .“My anger level has dropped significantly. I’m more focused on the “overall” picture in most life events. My priorities are more in line as they should be.”   The most significant overall change I have noticed has been . . . I feel as though a weight has been lifted off my shoulders. I have a bounce in my step, the air feels more crisp and the sun is finally shinning on my side of town. I feel that by relinquishing control in a lot of areas in my life, I’ve actually gained control.  My overall sense of well-being is positive, my relationships with people have only become closer, and I’m hopeful for the future. I am forever thankful to Dr. Sandoval.”  I would describe Dr. Sandoval as . . . “well educated, kind, sympathetic, understanding.” I would recommend Dr. Sandoval to . . .“anyone needing direction, assistance with anxiety/depression, or anyone just feeling lost in this world.” SB

“I wanted to reach out to thank you for your guidance a few years ago when I was seeing you. We did not see each other for long, but in the few sessions we did have your warm and welcoming demeanor and resources made me feel so supported during a dark time in my life. I have since moved away from Florida, obtained my master’s degree in Clinical Social Work, and am seeing clients in private practice. Some of the very tangible gifts you passed on during our sessions are still in my mind and I utilize them professionally and personally. Your impact goes far beyond just seeing clients individually. I hope you are well. Thank you for what you do.”  JE

“My top three goals upon beginning my work with Dr. Sandoval were “to come out of my shell, to remove all negative and self-destructive issues I was facing [and] to be healthier and a more productive person.”  Dr. Sandoval was able to help me work toward these goals by “guiding me step by step throughout all of my issues.  He was able to go and breakdown all the factors that were helping and hurting, then building the positive ones.”  The biggest tangible changes I have noticed since beginning treatment and coaching have been “my ridiculous increase of connections with people and feeling healthier.”  “The most significant  change I have noticed was my overall positive outlook on life.  I am capable of handing  issues more efficiently and have been feeling cleaner.”  I would describe Dr. Sandoval as “a great life coach who can help you with any issue you would be facing.  Friendly and compassionate.  Really cares about the people he’s helping.”  I would recommend Dr. Sandoval to “anyone who feels they have an issue they want fixed. It really can be anything.  He has helped me out in all branches in my life.”  “Just a great person to talk to. Someone who really cares about their occupation and helping a person out.” EB

“Dr. Sandoval is excellent! His practice was truly a life-changing experience for me. We need more professionals out in the world of modern medicine like him. Dr. Sandoval’s practice is progressive, knowledgeable, and practical. I HIGHLY recommend to anyone seeking counseling locally and nationwide!” JG

“My top three goals upon beginning my work with Dr. Sandoval were: “Change my attitude about myself and my future.  Change my living and eating habits for the better and leave with a healthy lifestyle and positive and clear mental state.”  Dr. Sandoval was able to help me work toward these goals by: “being very open and nonjudgmental and being well informed and giving me many suggestions and resources that I can easily implement in my life.”  The biggest tangible changes I have noticed since beginning treatment and coaching have been “I have eaten much healthier and I am much more active.”  “My mood has changed from being negative to being more positive and I have more energy.”  I would describe Dr. Sandoval as: : ”A very kind and understanding person who is very well informed about many different things concerning health related matters.”  I would recommend Dr. Sandoval to: “Those who have gone through the same or similar experiences that I have or those who wish to have a healthier life.” – WP

“Dr. Sandoval is great at what he does. Makes you see life in a different way. I came to him seeking more knowledge and getting some questions answered. He taught me the importance of nutrition for both physical and mental health. I learned to live in the now and appreciate the present. How to be more mindful, loving and kind. Listens doesn’t judge nor tell you what to do. I’m glad I came here, Thank you Dr.!” – JC

“Thank you, Dr. Sandoval, for your guidance on nutrition and healthy living. Praying you can bless the lives of many others.” – KM

“Dr. Sandoval was able to help me by finding out who I was as an individual to suit my bio-individual needs . . . assisting with major points in my life and using nutrition along with many effective methods that made it all possible for my wellbeing. [I am] very aware of my body and how to utilize different tactics and techniques to reach the pinnacle of my wellbeing. I would recommend him to anyone that feels they need any help. Dr. Sandoval has been able to change my life and the lives of people around me in ways that I would describe to be as miraculous.” – MC

“There aren’t enough words to express my gratitude and so I will simply say, thank you . . .” – JJ

“A lifesaver. A true professional. A doctor that loves what he does and it shows in his work. My life has been changed forever.” – WC

“My deepest appreciation for your dedication and support this past year. You are truly one of those magnificent people you encounter in life that change and impact you forever. “ – NR

“Dr. Sandoval has been my therapist and health counselor for several years. He is simply outstanding at his job. I see him very regularly. He has been a tremendous support to my well-being, and I am really grateful for his wisdom and insight. Whether you are in need of a traditional talk therapist, or if you are interested in learning about optimal diet, nutrition, and lifestyle, he is really the best.” – AS

“Dr. Sandoval has over a decade experience in the mental health arena. I highly recommend anyone struggling with worrying, unnecessary anxiety, self-esteem development, depression, or mood behaviors to reach out to Dr. Sandoval. He showed me specific breathing and observation techniques which have empowered me over time to embrace life and the stresses that come with it. We began a once a week regiment then twice a month once I progressed. Another thing! Dr. Sandoval sessions are educational and enlightening. Dr. Sandoval is very upfront about how much food and society impacts our day to day thinking and mood. Dr. Sandoval will even recommend reading material (as he did with me) to keep you sharp and knowledgeable about whatever area you seek to develop.. (mindfulness, yoga, gut health, brain health, vitamins, acceptance, etc.). You get out of therapy what you put in! Do the work! Take care of your mind and body so you can enjoy life, others, and your self.”  – MB

“Thank you, Dr. Sandoval, for your guidance in health and nutrition. It was very eye-opening for us and helpful. Wish you the best!” – CL

“Dr. Sandoval was able to help me to work on my goals by giving me suggestions on health and ways to work past my shyness. I have lost some weight. . . [and] I have been happier, even friends and family have noticed. I would describe Dr. Sandoval as a friendly person, easy to get along with and talk to.  I would recommend Dr. Sandoval to those looking for a healthier lifestyle and those who want to work on any kind of relationship. ” – ADF



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