Functional Nutrition Health Coaching and Mitochondrial Fitness

If you’re tired, feel overwhelmed & experience digestive pain, I can help you. I’ll help you to get rid of your pain, bloating, cramps & embarrassing moments so that you can enjoy life & get back to living your life with vibrant health & energy. I will help you to discover which foods & healing traditions nourish your body. Instead of experiencing your body’s pain, planning your day around your physical limitations or suffering from the isolation, guilt or shame, imagine beginning each day feeling gratitude & excited to begin your day.

As a former ISSA Personal Fitness Trainer, I also offer in home private “mitochondrial fitness” (personal fitness training) programs.  Whether you’re looking to lose weight, add muscle, enhance your energy to optimize your health or extend your youth, I’ll customize your personal “mitochondrial fitness” program as well as teach you the “how’s” of working out with your in-home or community gym & coach you on the best foods & “biohacks” for your body & mitochondria.

Your functional nutrition health coaching plan or customized fitness training program consists of a comprehensive evaluation and 45-minute coaching sessions every other week. The length of our work together varies & depends on your health goals, the severity of your condition & your motivation for change.

In addition to guiding you in making the changes that best serve your body & working with you to enhance and optimize your body’s mitochondria, I offer specialized lab testing to evaluate the possibility of food intolerances (Pinner IGG) & develop an individualized nutrition & lifestyle plan based on your DNA (Genetic Direction). Both diagnostic exams are painless & quickly done in my office.

If you’re ready to make a change, contact me to schedule your initial consultation.

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