Quality Nutraceuticals

Nutraceuticals are fortified food products that not only supplement the diet but may also assist in treating or preventing disease and in providing biological benefits to optimize your health.  Invest in your health by choosing top band, quality vitamins, minerals and herbs. Purchase professional-grade products from my Fullscript dispensary.




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Protect Yourself from nnEMFs

Non-native Electromagnetic Fields (nnEMFSs) are everywhere in our modern world and they pose a significant threat to your long term health span.  Learn how to shield yourself from this electrosmog.  I recommend using either a Q-Link  or Airestech partners product as both technologies have patents and have research to support their effectiveness.


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I strongly recommend wearing ant-radiation/EMF blocking (Faraday cage) clothing – underwear and bras since many people carry their smartphones in their pant pockets or bra.  I wear Faraday’s briefs and have noticed an improvement in my energy and strength training when I go to my local gym that has Wi-Fi.

True Dark Glasses

Blue light from your cell phone, T.V. and computer after sunset interferes with your circadian rhythm, leading to poor sleep, brain fog, weight gain and a host of other ailments.  Protect your eyes to improve your sleep by wearing True Dark Glasses.  


Food changes every thing about your health and well being.  Buying clean, quality food is the simplest strategy that you can adopt today.    Choose organic, non GMO foods and buy pasture raised and organic meats.  I’ve been a customer at US Wellness Meats for over s decade and cannot recommend them enough.

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