Everywhere you go, it’s nearby. Sometimes, it’s in your face (literally), or very close by. When you go to your local gym (E.g., La. Fitness, You Fit), buy groceries (E.g., Whole Foods Market, Publix, Trader Joe’s), eat out at restaurants, and even go to your local park (e.g., Tropical Park, Fairchild Tropical Botanic Garden).  It entices you with added “convenience” and makes you believe that you cannot live your life without it.  I’m talking about wireless technology and the non-native electromagnetic radiation it emits, of course.  It’s your smart phone, computer, Wi-Fi router, plasma T.V., D.V.D. player, and every modern technology that you use, because they all emit some degree of radiation.  And while many modern technologies allow you to do more, save you time, or experience more “fun”; they also pose a very real and significant risk to your long term healthspan.

The dangers of wireless technology are several (e.g., cancer, neuropsychiatric syndromes, mitochondrial dysfunction, insomnia, autoimmunity, gastrointestinal disease)1,2 and I’ve  shared with you before on the mechanisms by which this wireless, non-native electromagnetic radiation (“eletrosmog”or electromagnetic fields, nnEMFs,  are terms used to refer to the same energy)  harms you in my previous blogs (i.e., How to rekindle the fire that burns inside).  Because our modern world today is highly developed and interconnected, it’s nearly unavoidable.  And while this may be true to a degree depending on your circumstances, you can take several steps to reduce, avoid, or mitigate the harmful effects of this “electrosmog.”

The simplest course of action is to not use any wireless technology or use it as little as possible.  Given that this may not be a feasible answer for you, follow my suggestions below to reduce the levels of many of the physiological and psychological sequela from your use of these technologies.

  1. Instead of using a Wi-Fi Router and a wireless mouse to connect to the internet, opt for Ethernet cables and a wired mouse.
  2. Always unplug your router before going to sleep at night.
  3. Remember that distance is your friend when using any wireless technology. When using your smartphone, always use the speaker phone function or use wired earbuds (blue tooth earbuds emit radiation as well).  Every inch that you keep your phone away from your body reduces the amount of radiation fourfold (i.e., 1in = 4 x less radiation, 2in = 16 x less radiation).
  4. When you do not need to make a call or send a text, keep your phone in airplane mode as this drops the levels of non-ionizing radiation by 84%. Otherwise, I strongly recommend wearing anti-radiation/EMF blocking (Faraday cage) clothing – underwear and bras since many people carry their smartphones in their pant pockets or bra.  I wear Faraday’s briefs, V-Neck shirt and cap.    I have noticed an improvement in my energy and strength training when I go to my local gym that has Wi-Fi.
  5. Keep your phone away from your bedroom when you sleep and charge it in another room.
  6. Consider investing in a Q-Link product.  I have used several Q link products for over a decade and many studies show that it helps to reduce the effects of wireless radiation.
  7. Similar to the Q-Link products, Earthing technologies can help you to mitigate the harmful effects of nnEMFS.  I attribute a portion of my remarkable health to the many earthing products and Q-Link products I own.

For a more detailed explanation of how nnEMFs harm you and more strategies on how to reduce your exposure, I suggest reading The Non-Tinfoil Guide to EMFs: How to Fix Our Stupid Use of Technology by Nicolas Pineault.

To your health and success,

Dr. Sandoval

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