You are fundamentally an energetic being and you respond to your environment.  Every cell in your body has organelles known as mitochondria that extract nutrients from the foods that you eat and make energy though a biochemical process known as cellular respiration.  These energy “power plants” are more accurately defined as ancient microbes that have coevolved with us and are constantly scanning our environment.  They are very abundant in energy demanding organs like your brain, heart, eyes and sex organs.

Besides the foods that you eat, your cells respond to the lights that you surround yourself with every day.  Sunlight is the most effective and powerful way to enhance your mitochondrias’ function.   In his paper, The 4th Phase of Water, Dr. Gerald Pollack explains that this photoelectric effect occurs when light is absorbed by water in our cells. This effect changes the structure of water and creates Exclusion Zones (EZs) or areas of charged water (H3O2 instead of H20).  This negative charge increases the mitochondrial membrane potential and improves mitochondrial function.  Think of this negative charge as stored energy.  Essentially, your skins melanin (the archetypal pigment molecule) can provide up to 90% of the cell’s energy needs through capturing and converting sunlight into chemical energy (specifically, disassociating and reforming H20).1,2  Stated simply, sunlight produces a beneficial negative charge inside your cells and activates your mitochondria.

In addition to optimizing your mitochondria by practicing sensible sun exposure (or alternatively, using high lux lamps which confer many health benefits), you’ll want to avoid and reduce your exposure to blue spectrum lights from electronic devices like your T.V., LED light bulbs, smartphone and computer, which unlike the  sun do not emit red and orange hues to counter balance the blue spectrum frequencies that suppress your melatonin production and also are a source of nnEMFs.   With many cities rolling out 5G cell phone towers, you’ll also want to cut your use of Wi-Fi to an absolute minimum as it contributes to and worsens  autoimmunity  (I am living proof that reducing and shielding yourself improves autoimmunity as I am fully able and functional and was diagnosed with M.S. 16 years ago and have used several technologies and methods to ground myself for many years.),   mitochondrial dysfunction, damages your DNA  and alters your VGCCs (Voltage Gated Calcium Channels; allowing more calcium ions into your cell membranes which increases oxidative stress), thereby increasing your likelihood of developing many cancers, mental health conditions like anxiety or depression and neurological diseases.

Instead, swap your LED lights for older incandescent light bulbs, install applications like f.lux or twilight on your smart phone if you must do anything with your phone after sunset , use Ethernet cables to connect  your computer to hi-speed internet services, wear amber/orange tinted blue blocking glasses and invest in an Aires Tech or a Safe Sleeve case for your phone and use some red lights (PBM, photobiomodulation) like a Joovv panel or Vielight intranasal device (I’ve been using my Joovv and Vielight 655 with great success).  Therabulb is a low cost red and rear infrared light bulb that is very effective as well. It’s a great option for targeted, precision treatment of a problem area (e.g., knee pain, shoulder pain).

Studies using photobiomodulation with M.S. patients in Brazil, Poland and at the University of Wisconsin have shown promising results.  PBM also has many years of clinical research in the treatment of bone fractures and has been a saving grace in my recovery from the femur fracture I experienced on January 27th 2019 while training for the bike MS in Key Largo, Florida. Similarly,  low level laser therapy lamps  help to improve your blood circulation,  activates your adenosine triphosphate (ATP) (your cells energy or fuel currency) , reduces pain and releases  nitric oxide.3  

As an energetic being, you must obey the first law of physics.  By enriching your environment with the right light exposure while reducing your toxisick lights, you’ll stroke the fire that burns inside (i.e., your mitochondria) and recapture your zest for life.

To your health and success,

Dr. Sandoval


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