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How to nourish your body and cut your cravings for sugar . . .

If you’re like many people this time of the year, you are anticipating the beginning of the fall and holiday season.  Whether you are a kid at heart  and look forward to celebrating Halloween or spending time with your friends and family for Thanksgiving, you can have fun, celebrate the love in your life and…

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Are you spending enough time outdoors?

With the spring season officially having started, our days are now longer and we naturally seek to spend more time outdoors.  Modern conveniences (e.g., cars, planes, buildings), work and multiple commitments that demand our attention, however, frequently limit our ability to be outside to enjoy the sun’s radiance and warmth.  In the past, our ancestors…

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How to reset your body by eating real, whole foods . .

If you’re like many people during the holidays and starting a new year, you’ve indulged in your share of sweets and have set resolutions for 2017 that include having a healthier lifestyle.  Some of you may even be trying special diets or looking for that one “magic potion” in a bottle to help you cleanse…

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