If you have experienced trauma, neglect or abuse of any type and struggle with feelings of anxiety, depression and you frequently worry or simply have pain and tension in your body, learning to be kind and gentle with yourself is essential to experiencing relief in your body and lasting peace in your life.  Learning to have self-compassion and loving yourself when you have had such experiences may be very challenging to you; however, it is a key to unlock your potential for healing and growth.  

Loving kindness meditation and learning to adopt an attitude of curiosity and hold all of your private experiences (e.g., your emotions, thoughts, memories) gently takes consistent practice and will help you to be less reactive and judgmental so that you simply notice what it is that you need in the moment that may be life affirming (e.g. reaching out to connect with people who you love, spending time outdoors to experience tranquility with nature, receiving a massage because you are aware of physical pain in your body) and may experience more vitality in your life. 

Learning to self soothe and self-massage is also very helpful in cultivating a loving relationship with yourself and helping you to heal from trauma.  While asking your partner or receiving a massage from a massage therapist is a wonderful and very loving experience, you can use simple skills to apply touch and heal such as using acupressure exercises to gently massage key areas in your body.  The Shen Men point in your ear is a powerful meridian that can help to ease any acute distress you may be experiencing.  You can also use the traditional Japanese healing art of Jin Shin Jyutsu to experience more emotional balance and vitality.

To your health,

Dr. Sandoval

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