If you’re like most people, the holidays are loads of fun and may mean lots of time catching up with friends and family as well as a lot of good food.  With all the holiday parties, sweet indulgences and merry “toasts” to celebrate the fast approaching New Year, it’s easy to get off track with your health and well-being.  2023 is right around the corner and if you’re like most people you’ll set new resolutions believing that you’ll finally achieve your desired goals (e.g., losing those last stubborn 10 lbs. that don’t seem to ever go away, finally quit smoking or having your last drink of alcohol).

While setting a resolution for the New Year may lead to short term gains, it is unlikely to lead to your desired outcome without having a deeper life purpose and a WHYdentity.  The reality is that 95% of people who go on a diet will gain all the weight they lost within 5 years.  In order to reach your goals and commit long term, it is essential that you dig deep within to understand what makes you feel alive, helps you to experience gratitude and makes your life “sweet.”

Your life’s purpose, values and your WHY serve as a compass to you that will help you to experience vitality.  You may want to lose weight in order to play with your children, quit smoking so that you can jog outdoors and spend time with nature or stop drinking because you want to develop intimate relationships with your circle of peers and family instead of spending another night at the bar alone.

Once you have clarity regarding your WHYdentity and life’s purpose, set reasonable short term goals that are concrete and begin taking action steps on them right now.  Your values and life’s purpose will energize you to achieve your short term objectives.   Moreover, it is important that you build life structures and scaffolds to support you in obtaining your desired goals and commit long term.  If you want to lose weight, surround yourself with people who will support you and who have similar habits to the ones you wish to cultivate long-term.  If you want to stop smoking or drinking alcohol do not spend time with people who do so and may enable you to reach for another puff or cocktail and instead surround yourself with people who practice yoga or who meditate (e.g. the majority of people who drink alcohol and smoke do so to “blow off steam” and relax).

As you make progress and move towards committing long-term to what you value, you may find that you have a new circle of friends and lose your ties with old friends.  As you cultivate your willingness to extend beyond your comfort zone, make room for the painful private experiences that may arise (e.g., depression or guilt because you no longer spend time with an old friend) and do what is uncomfortable to create lasting change, remember to pause, celebrate and savor each step along your journey.

To your health and success,

Dr. Sandoval

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